White Ladies

Among the many purple pasque flowers (greater pasque flower / Pulsatilla grandis) you can also find a few white ones. In the environment of the common variety they are particularly photogenic.

Zwischen den vielen violetten Küchenschellen (Große Küchenschelle / Pulsatilla grandis) findet man auch wenige weiße. Im Umfeld der gewöhnlichen Variante sind sie besonders fotogen.

Image Details

Kamera: SONY ALPHA 7Riii
Lens: SIGMA 150mm F2,8 EX APO DG Makro HSM
Location: Perchtoldsdorf, Austria
Date: 2021-03-28
Light: sunset
Focal Lenght: 150 mm
Exposure: 1/640 sec.
Aperture: F/2,8
ISO: 250
Filter: none

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