Swamp Monster


The American alligator is a fascinating creature. It exists since the time of the dinosaurs, it was almost driven into extinction a few decades ago and now returns – even into urban environments as long as there is water and food. They mainly feed on fish, turtles, amphibians and birds. Rarely on humans ­čśë In fact, there are hardly any accidents or incidents with gators in the US as long as „we“ take care. This picture shows a 3,5 m long almost fully grown male alligator. It is a wild animal and – to be honest – taking this picture took a while in terms of getting accustomed to be in the water with a 60 years old, 3 meter long reptile. However, it was one of the coolest things I’ve experienced so far as they are absolutely unique to watch when being on the swim. There is one freaky detail to know when getting in the water with alligators: they have a blind spot in front of them. So when you are standing calm in the water and they are approaching, they can’t see you. Stand still and they gonna bump into you! Like in this picture…

Image Details

Camera: Canon 5D MKIII, Ikelite Housing

Lens: Tokina 10-17/Fisheye

Location: Florida

Date: Nov 2015

Light: Morning

Focal Lenght: 15mm

Exposure: 1/60 s, -2, 2 flashes

Aperture: F/13

ISO: 400

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