Originating from the jungles of Southeast Asia, the red junglefowl (Gallus gallus) is the ancestor of our domestic chicken. Thousands of years ago, the Polynesians took domesticated (but still wild-looking) chickens with them on their travels. Some of them escaped, their descendants eventually hybridising with chickens brought by European settlers. Many of the red junglefowl roaming Polynesia today show plumage colouration typical of European domestic chickens, but others, such as this rooster, still look remarkably like their ancestors.


Image details
Camera: Canon EOS 90D
Lens: Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS USM + 2x Extender III
Location: Tahiti, French Polynesia
Date: Dec 2020
Focal Length: 800
Exposure: 1/160
Aperture: f/11
ISO: 1000

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