Clear view

I admit – this is a rather simply image. However, it took a while to get this image at all. First, it dows not feel so comfortable to be in the water with a 3m dinosaur and second, in this crystal clear water of northern Florida’s springs it is tough to get close to any wildlife. Especially these reptiles can see you from quite a distance and are by far faster in the water than you are – or I am. Meaning they are gone before I was on the way with the heavy underwater gear, wetsuit etc.

In the end it turned out to be my first alligator encounter underwater and it was intense but cool…not due to the water temperature 😉

Image Details

Camera: Canon 5D MkIII + Ikelite UW housing

Lens: Canon 17-40/4 L

Location: Florida

Date: Nov 2015

Light: Afternoon

Focal Lenght: 31 mm

Exposure: 1/60s

Aperture: F/8

ISO: 160

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