Cosmic Peter

Actually I was always fascinated by the tiny water deformations Water Striders create with their legs, because these deformations can cause really stunning reflections but I never payed enough attention to them. This particular day I was actually waiting for some water birds but since the birds didn’t show up, I started playing around with the Water Striders. I was placed under some trees which cast a dark reflection on the water from my point of view but the insect was actually hit by the sun and the water deformations at the ends of the animals legs shaped the surface in a way that tiny parts of the surface created a reflection of the sun instead of the dark foliage and so they caused these stunning sunstars. The entire setting with all these little colorful stars, caused by countless (dust) particles on the water, reminds me very much of some cosmic scenery with the Water Strider as a spaceship. As all my images this one was also taken without the use of any artificial light, flash or special technique. For me it’s important to work with the natural light, because in my opinion it’s also part of the natural scenery I would like to capture in an authentic way. So the picture is just a simple handheld shot showing the natural beauty and magic, but it was actually quite challenging to get a rather sharp shot because these little insects are always in motion and my autofocus didn’t catch them, so that I had to focus on them manually and it also took me many attempts to get a shot where all six „headlights“ of the „spaceship“ lightened up simultaneously.

Image Details

Location: Traun-Danube Wetlands, Upper Austria, Austria
Date: September, 21st 2018
Light: Bright sun
Camera: Canon EOS 7DII
Lens: Sigma 120-300mm f2.8 DG OS HSM Sports + Sigma TC 1401
Focal Length: 420mm
Exposure: 1/320sec
Aperture: f14
ISO: 1000
Filter: –

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