Diamond Beach


Everybody who comes to Iceland wants to visit the „Diamond beach“ on the southcoast of Iceland. And there is a good reason for this: big chunks of clear blue ice, up to literal (small) „icebergs“ are lying on the black lava sand beach and are sparkling like giant diamonds in the sunlight. This is really one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to. You can spend there hours up to days and it would never get boring.It´s real fun being chased by a huge braker crashing on the shore while trying to get a long exposure. Bring your waders, the knowledge of the tides and a little bit of common sense for your own safety and you will return safe and sound in „one piece“ and with some great shots.

Image Details

Location: Jökulsárlón, Iceland
Date: Mar/2016
Camera: Canon Eos 1DX
Lens: Canon 11-24mm f4 L
Focal Length: 11 mm
Exposure: 6s
Aperture: f 9
ISO: ISO 400

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