Take one deep breath and go! The only way to keep up with a hunting cormorant underwater is to go and the only way to get good shots is to know where this bird could come up again to breathe again. Else it is simply to fast. These guys are insane! Like a torpedo they are „flying“ fast as lightning underwater. This picture was taken in one of Florida’s crystal clear sweetwater springs. Uniquie to watch this beautiful bird putting its head underwater to look for fish. As soon as it spotted something it started to go submerged and off it was – chasing fish and crabs.

Image Details

Camera: Canon 5D MKIII, Ikelite Housing

Lens: Canon 17-40/4

Location: Florida

Date: Nov 2015

Light: Late afternoon

Focal Lenght: 17mm

Exposure: 1/160 s, -1.3, 2 flashes

Aperture: F/8

ISO: 160

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