Europe’s finest.

_MG_4610Did you know that there are Chameleons even in Europe? We have one – very attractive – species living in southern Europe. These guys are somehow hard to find. It’s not because they are fast as lightning or extremely shy. But they absolutely look like their preferred habitat – Spanish broom that grows along the shore and on the dunes. That said – it is all about screening the greens in search for European chameleons. This one was the biggest I’ve found and it was absolutely confident that it was the queen or king sitting exposed on that branch without hiding at all.

Image Details

Camera: Canon 7D

Lens: Canon 17-40

Location: Andalucia, Spain

Date: Apr 2012

Light: Evening

Focal Lenght: 17mm

Exposure: 1/125s

Aperture: F/8

ISO: 400

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