Fast and Furious

Recently I visited Hortobagy Nationalpark in Hungary focussed on the rare Saker Falcons, there was spotted a couple during the winter. On my last day I had a great experience with this extraordinary species. A juvenile White-tailed Eagle landed in the steppe habitat, where the Sakers had their territory and was immediatly attacked by both of them. Incredible how fast this bird is in flight, within half a minute the eagle gave up. Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to show falcons and eagle in one frame, but my image shows the male on attack.

Image Details:

Date: January 30th, 2020
Location: Hungary, Hortobagy Nationalpark
Canon Gear
Focal Length: 300 mm
Aperture: f 4
Exposure: 1/4000 sec
ISO: 640

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