Fly away

After a cool night in the moor the bog fritillary (Boloria eunomia) spreaded his wings in the morning to refuel energy from the sun to start in the new day.

Nach einer kühlen Nacht im Moor breitete der Randring-Perlmutterfalter (Boloria eunomia) seine Flügel aus, um Sonnenenergie zu tanken bevor er in den neuen Tag startet.

Image Details

Location: Heutal, Salzburg, Austria
Date: June 21th, 2019
Camera: Canon EOS R
Lens: Sigma Macro 180mm F 2.8
Focal Length: 180 mm
Exposure: 1/25 Sec + 2 2/3EV
Aperture: 8
ISO: 400

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