Glimpse of Glamor

Since this particular couple of great crested grebes built their nest pretty close to the shore of a rather crowded lake, I dared to approach a little closer, while mainly hiding in the forest. After about two hours of observation and careful approaching, I knew the birds felt also comfortable in my distant presence. On my third visit there, the morning skies were clear and during sunrise the fresh foliage was illuminated in warm tones of orange and yellow, inviting me to frame the breeding scene.

Image Details

Location: Traun-Danube Wetlands, Austria
Date: May, 14th 2022
Light: Sunrise
Camera: Canon EOS 7DII
Lens: Sigma 120-300mm f2,8 DG OS HSM Sports
Focal Length: 235mm
Exposure: 1/640sec
Aperture: f2.8
ISO: 320
Filter: –

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