Lake Cerknica

Lake Cerknica which is located in the southern part of Slovenia is a very special lake. It is an intermittent lake, which means the lake is present for the most part of the year and reaches an area of about 30 km2. When full, it is the largest lake in the country. In the summer, when the rainfall is slight, the lake is completely drained into the reservoirs lying below its level, and its bed is speedily covered with rich vegetation. With the returning rains in autumn the lake very rapidly regains its ordinary volume. The picture shows the remaining water level at the beginning of June, it was only a few centimeters deep.

Image Details

Location: Lake Cerknica, Slovenia
Date: 04.06.2017
Light: Sunny
Camera: Nikon D800
Lens: Nikon AF-S 24-70/2,8
Focal Length: 40 mm
Exposure: 1/10 s
Aperture: 8
ISO: 100
Filter: Formatt Hitech 0,9 soft


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