Lonesome hunter

_MI_2736What a moment!
It lasts until the last days of January for the sun to „arrive“ back again in northern Norway. That is exactly when the Orcas and Humpbacks usually start to migrate further south, following their prey, the Herring. This Orca might have probably been the last Orca hunting in this Fjord for months. What this moment makes so unique for me was the very first sunlight of the day (around 12:00 midday…) that paints the entire Fjord in bright orange.

Image Details

Camera: Canon 1DX

Lens: Canon 70 – 200/2,8 + 1,4x

Location: Norway

Date: Feb 2015

Light: Midday

Focal Lenght: 280mm

Exposure: 1/6400s -2

Aperture: F/5,6

ISO: 640

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