Moon over Almsee Lake

Moon over Almsee Lake

It was an early start on the first morning of our VTNÖ get-together at Grünau/Almtal. I would have wished for a little more clouds but we got a nice moon and some fog instead.

This is one of the first shots with my brand-new Sony A7R and my new Zeiss 28mm lens. I’m above impressed with the camera and image quality. Makes my Canon 6D look quite bad in comparison.

Image Details

Location: Almsee Lake, Austria
Date: March 22nd 2014
Light: Before Sunrise
Camera: Sony A7R
Lens: Zeiss Distagon 28mm f/2.8
Focal Length: 28mm
Exposure: 3.2s
Aperture: 11
ISO: 100
Filter: Hoya Pro1 Digital Polarizer

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