Moonlight with Northern Lights

It was late when I came to the end of the Kärkevagge-valley in northern Sweden, exactly at the blue hour. Even if it was quite dark, the rock formations still looked spectacular. I chose as the foreground the spiky rocks particular to the region. As the northern light appeared, the situation got more and more interesting. Luckily the moon came over a ridge and lighted up the foreground. The light-constellation was close to perfect.

Image Details

Location: Kärkevagge, Sweden
Date: September, 04th, 2012
Light: Moonlight & Northern Light
Camera: Nikon D800E
Lens: PC-E NIKKOR 24 mm 1:3,5D E
Focal Length: 24mm
Exposure: 84 Seconds
Aperture: 8
ISO: 800
Filter: /

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