On the move

Finding and capturin wild mountain reindeer back in 2012 still is among the toughest assignments we’ve worked on so far. Back in autumn 2012 we were hiking for more than 14 hours daily carrying everything we needed up in the mountains – tent, sleeping bags etc. plus food, water and all the camera gear. In the end we’ve only came across reindeer twice. However, we managed to get some really cool images and video footage and almost forgot about the torture up in mid-Norway’s mountains 🙂

Image Details

Camera: Canon 7D

Lens: Canon 300/2,8 L IS + 2x extender

Location: Norway

Date: Oct 2012

Light: Late afternoon

Focal Lenght: 600 mm

Exposure: 1/10 s

Aperture: F/40

ISO: 200

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