Preservation for many million years

Thanks to trees which were heavily exuding resin in previous times, going back many million years, it was possible to get valuable information about living organismis of an ecosystem of this time. Amongst others insects, spiders, feathers and hair and even whole frogs could be found in the preserved amber inclusions of which the oldest are dated back 130 million years. The flow of resin in this tree is caused by a burl which is a growth deformation of the grain which originate from stress due to an injury or infection.

Image Details

Camera: Canon 5D Mk4

Lens: Canon 100mm 2.8 L IS

Location: Langkawi – Malaysia

Date: Nov 2019

Focal Lenght: 100 mm

Exposure: 1/200 s

Aperture: F/10

ISO: 100

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