_D__6919While waiting for wild forest reindeer in one of Finland’s many bogs I suddenly moticed some movement in the corner of eye. When I turned my head nothing was there and I concentrated again on observing the vast bog for reindeer coming out to feed. Again! There has to be something aroung – my focus was once more driven towards the forest edge and suddenly – there was this white wolf! I knew from previous photo sessions that wolves are highly sensitive towards movement- both of myself and the camera – so I decided to do nothing but waiting for what this wolf was going to do. 
To make this story short: the wolf always kept distance and stayed inside the forest and this is the only picture I got of this extremely fascinating but shy animal!

Image Details

Camera: Canon 5D MkIII

Lens: Canon 600/4

Location: Finland

Date: Jul 2013

Light: Morning

Focal Lenght: 600mm

Exposure: 1/80 s

Aperture: F/5,6

ISO: 640

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