Ice age

_mi_4201 What a nasty weather it was that day. Stormy winds, snow – basically from each direction – and no chance for interesting photo-ops. That was at least what I thought it would be that day. In Iceland everything – and so the weather – can change quickly. And quickly means within minutes. Luckily, we didn’t stay inside that day and went for a tour. In the afternoon the skies cleared, the sun won for a second against the clouds and the strong wind blew the fresh snow like sand in a sandstorm over the ground. What a cool scene! And the best it just lasted for the blink of an eye!

Image Details

Camera: Canon 1Dx

Lens: Canon 70-200/2,8 LIS

Location: Iceland

Date: Feb 2015

Light: Afternoon

Focal Lenght: 200 mm

Exposure: 1/800s

Aperture: F/4

ISO: 125

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