_MG_4224I found a group of royal-terns resting along the shore while looking for hunting osprey that bred in the area. The terns didn’t seem to be interested in me as long as I didn’t point my camera towards them. Whenever I was trying to get one in focus it was flying off right at that moment. So, I had to change my strategy: instead of walking along the beach, I started to crawl on my knees with the camera held as low as possible. That turned out to be okay for the terns – they didn’t fly off when I was approaching. What I like most about this picture are those beautiful backlit feathers on top of that bird and these absolutely „postcard-like“ sunset colors…

Image Details


Camera: Canon 7D

Lens: Canon 300/4 + 1,4x

Location: Egmont Key, Florida

Date: April 2011

Light: sunset

Focal Lenght: 420mm

Exposure: 1/640 sec. -0.3

Aperture: F/5,6

ISO: 250

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