_MG_2064One of those magical moments you won’t forget your entire life! This is what it looks like when the first direct sunlight of the year paints Finnish lapland in bright pink during a one hour mixture between sunrise and sunset. By the end of January – if the weather’s permitting – the sun rises again for the first time after the arctic winter with a few weeks of total darkness. We were lucky! It was an absolutely clear day and around noon the sun hit the horizon. The following light show was superb – literally the whole world was shining in bright pink! About 50 minutes later sunrise turned straight into sunset and shadows got longer and looonger before finally the sunlight disappeared again. Cool!

Image Details

Camera: Canon 7D

Lens: Canon 70-200/4

Location: Finland

Date: Jan 2013

Light: Midday

Focal Lenght: 70mm

Exposure: 1/1600 s

Aperture: F/4

ISO: 400

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