The Island Senja – Norway

In August 2012, I visited the island of Senja. Fantastically beautiful and a incredible nature. Different landscapes in a small space can be found. Steep mountains, dense jungle and lots of sea with breath-taking coastlines. Senja I can recommend for a great photo trip!

The image consists of 2 photos, taken with the 24mm tilt-shift.

Image Details

Location: The Island of Senja – Norway
Date: August, 20th, 2012
Light: Sunrise
Camera: Nikon D800E
Lens: PC-E NIKKOR 24 mm 1:3,5D E
Focal Length: 24mm, but 2 pictures
Exposure: 2 Seconds
Aperture: 16
ISO: 100
Filter: Lee 0.9 ND Soft, Heliopan Polarizer

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