Utacleiv Sunset

Utacleiv Beach on the Lofoten Islands (Norway) is a very popular place for landscape photography and you might have seen some pictures of the northern light over that wonderful beach before. I´ve been there last summer, too late for the midnight sun, but exactly right in time for a magic sunset. I was really overwhelmed by that place and the slowly setting sun, painting all that warm and soft tones in the sky. I had not been able to capture a satisfying single shot showing all the „pieces of the puzzle“ that were responsible for that very special mood, so I decided to do a panoramic view. By using a ND1000 Filter I was able to emphasize the dreamy mood of that spectacle and I could catch the very last rays of the setting sun before the landscape was covered in the never ending twilight of an arctic late summer´s night 

Image Details

Location: Lofoten Islands, Norway
Date: Aug/2014
Camera: Canon 1DX
Lens: Canon 16-35/2,8
Focal Length: 16mm
Exposure: 60 Seconds
Aperture: 8
ISO: 400
Panorama: 6 single shots
Filter: ND1000, Polarizer, ND Grad


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