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In terms of rodent photography, Vienna can easily be named „THE capital of rodents“: no matter if you are looking for Hamster, beavers, squirrels or ground squirrels, Vienna is the place to be. Though nature and wildlife photography within cities is not that popular, it is sometimes easier to get a „wild“ looking picture than one where you can see that it was taken in an urban environment. Here, we have a female ground squirrel stretching for food on a stormy day. Quite funny to watch how patient these little guys (and ladies) can be when it comes to foraging…

Image Details

Camera: Canon 40D

Lens: Canon 300/4

Location: Vienna, Austria

Date: May 2010

Light: Afternoon

Focal Lenght: 300mm

Exposure: 1/1600 sec.

Aperture: F/4

ISO: 200

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